"Make visible, which perhaps would never have been perceived without you." - Robert Bresson

For me it is very important to bring nature to people wherever they currently are.
Photos can take you to places you haven't been to yet, places you have already visited and want to remember or spark your imagination to the sights, sounds and smells of a special place. Photographs are a window to a world which is sometimes far away from our everyday lives.

The images you see here in my gallery are from my personal travel adventures around the globe. In contrast to some modern trends and what other photographers do, I try to edit the images as little as possible. the reason for this is that I want you to see and experience just how pretty nature really can be first hand.

If you would like  I can capture an image of a specific location that is special to you, for example your beautiful garden.

All of these images can be ordered in various sizes, materials and tailored to your own needs and requirements.
In addition to that these images can be made into a calendar of various vistas of your choosing just for you.

I also offer several books, both in German and in English. This is a selection of the offers that I currently have : Books, Calendars & co