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Taking pictures to me means to keep Moments allive, you'd always love to remember.

Just as I know exactly when and where I took the picture, each image also carries its own feelings and memories.
Pictures have the power to make past feelings and memories come alive, and to paint a laugh on our faces. And thats why I love my job. A very dear person once said describing me, "She feels the world around her through her lense" and he was quite right.

as far as I can remember, I have always had a camera with me - It always has been my best friend starting with a Toy camera, I got as a toddler to play with, the first kiddy camera i got as my first day of school present or the first digital camera my parents bought me when they could no longer watch me spending my entire pocket money in films. - And then, of course, the highlight: My first dslr, my great love, which I have worked hard for.

Wherever I go, my camera accompanies me.

My challenge is to capture as many emotions as possible and to be able to touch people with it. I love taking pictures, no metter if it is animals, weddings and portraits or nature pictures I am taking pictures of. Because only pictures that touch, guarantee that they are always gladly viewed.

So if you see my pictures, please see them not only with your eye, but open your heart.

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AC Photography Art

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Ac photography art: Fotografie im onlinestreet Branchenbuch für München
Ac Photography Art
Ac Photography Art