Your wedding pictures

Wedding pictures are an eternal memory of a special day. the wedding portraits, i will take accompanying you on this special day will let you experience the most beautiful day in life again and again.
My way of working is characterized by the fact that I will try to fit myself in , to be able to capture real moments rather than artificial.

The basic to acheve this is a good relationship between us. Before booking, I would like to meet you in person , get to know you, answer all your questions . This meeting is of course without obligation and without any expense for you. In case, you are notable to come and meet me in Munich,I am happily speaking to you using skype or simply answering all your questionsby mail.

Apart from German, my mothertongue, I am speaking English quite fluently.

I am available to you for the whole time you wish me to attend your wedding. This may concern the complete wedding, i. From the hairdresser until the last guest goes in the evening, or only sections, e.g. The marriage ceremony itself (church and / or office).

All pictures are sighted right after the wedding and edited. The number of images is not limited and depends on the scope of the celebration and the number of guests. You will get all sighted photos later on DVD in the highest resolution (JPEG) without watermark. that way follow-up costs due ordering more pitures will not occur to you.

In addition, I guarantee you that I will not publish your pictures anywhere without your agreement - not even on this website.


Wedding announcements are complex and require a high degree of preparation and follow-up. I leave nothing to chance working with double equipment to keep me from unpleasant surprises. No wedding is equal and none is equally expensive, so I can not make any package deals, but can only adjust the prices individually to your wedding. Therefore, please give me some information about the planned celebration (when, where, how long, how many guests?) and I will be able o give you a price.


On request I can create a photo album of your choice. - The price depends on the number of pages, the size and the layout

Weddings "somewhere else"?

I am happely taking your pictures whereever you want me to. - whether within Germany, England or far far away. You will only pay the additional travel expenses, I do not calculate travel days.

Moving pictures?

A friend of mine specilized himself in making good videos. I can ask him to film at the wedding. There will then be special prices, which are fitted for your wedding.

How do I get the pictures cheaper?

I do not publish your pictures anywhere, unless you give me the rights. If you give me the personal rights to publish them on this website as a reference for my work, I can offer you a reduction in price.